This Years Toronto’s Top 3 Mayoral Candidates


1.John Tory

Early Life and Family
John Howard Tory was born in the Toronto General Hospital on May 28th 1954. Currently in his 60’s.He grew up with 3 other siblings. His mothers name was Elizabeth. John grew up in a family of business men and lawyers. His father who’s name was John, was a business man working as a director of rogers cell company, and the CEO of Thompson Investments. Not only that but grandpa was also a lawyer. And his great grand father was the owner of Sun Life; a orange juice manufacture in Canada
John Tory started his career of working as a journalist for a broadcasting radio station in Toronto owned by Rogers. After that, for a total of 10 years he worked as a lawyer and other positions such as a associate of the executive committee and name partner. After his broadcasting and lawyer career he decided to go into politics. Starting off, he worked the premiere in Ontario and held other positions for assistant secretary for the cabinet. Soon after.

2. Doug Ford

Early Life and Family
Doug Ford was a child with 3 other siblings. He was born in Etobicoke. He was raised by his 2 parents Ruth Diane and Doug Ford Sr. He started his career by allegedly selling hashish other wise know as hash; a product made from marijuana. Although he did deny these rumors. He got married to his now wife Karla and they had 4 children; all girls. Their names were Kara, Kyla, Kayla, and Krista. Doug comes from a Jewish background.
Doug’s father was a co founder of Deco Labels, which Doug ford became a owner of. Deco Labels was a huge company with a estimated 100 Million in revenue this latest year. After in 2010, Doug decided to start a political career and he started of getting elected to the Ward 2 city counsel of Toronto. Later on in his career he was elected mayor of Toronto. A very generous act was committed and he decided he is gonna donate 100k of his salary to charity organizations

3. Olivia Chow

Early Life and Family
Olivia grew up in Hong Kong until the age of 13 in 1970. She moved to Canada where she attended school. She lived in Toronto with her parents. Her father drove taxis and delivered food and other jobs and her mom was a maid at a hotel. She then attended the Avola Colege Of Hairstylist And Esthetics where she followed her dreams to work in a salon. She quickly learned how to paint nails, dye hair, do makeup, cut hair, and hair extensions. In college she met Linda who was a business major. They quickly got talking on a starting a local business
After a few months for talk with Linda, they quickly got funding for their venture. They had decided to rent a small area in Toronto Ontario. She offered many kinds of services but mainly focused on hair cuts and hair extensions. She specialized in tape in, fusion hair extensions, and clip in hair extensions . Their business started booming. Unfortunately for her, in 2005 she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. She had to take a break from the business. But her business partner Linda had continued. After 3 years she had finally recovered. After attempting to get back into her business, she was outed by her ex-partner linda. So she needed a new career. Olivia always had a passion to make change, she saw her opportunity to become a politician. She had entered her resume to become part of the board of trustees for the Toronto board. After months of consideration, she was accepted. After about 2 years, this year; shes decided to run for mayor of Toronto.